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Don't miss our webinar with Achievers on Wednesday 18 September at 12.30pm

According to OGO research, 82% of employees don’t feel that their supervisors recognise them enough for their contributions. And yet 40% said they’d put more energy into their work if they were recognised more often, offering tantalising insight into how much more motivated, engaged and ultimately productive employees could be if organisations were getting this right. Featuring case studies from HR professionals sharing what they’ve done, this webinar on 'Recognition for recognition: Why it’s important and how to get it right' will ask what role HR should be playing in creating cultures of recognition. It will explore the tools that can help deliver real-time manager-to-employee and employee-to-employee feedback and recognition; whether different demographics will respond better to different forms of recognition; how this should be linked to reward; and how HR can measure the impact.

Our panel will be:

Denise Willett, senior director EMEA at Achievers

Clare Kearney, head of people engagement at Everton Football Club

Chadi Moussa, former director of HR and talent at Wealmoor

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