Law firm Bond Pearce to provide diversity training to employees


Bond Pearce is offering diversity training to its staff as part of the Law Society's diversity charter.

The firm, which has 80 partners, 291 lawyers and 269 support staff, is working with Marshall ACM to provide a 40-minute online course to inform employees about diversity, equality and equal opportunities.

The course will explain to staff and partners what they need to know about diversity when dealing with colleagues, customers and the wider market.

The firm will be able to use the technology to monitor completion rates and allocate additional courses as required.

Martin Nicholls, learning and development adviser for Bond Pearce, said: "Our commitment to diversity goes back a long time. Our vision is to be a great place to work where we value the differences in people and maximise their potential. Frankly, achieving this is vital to the future of Bond Pearce, and something each of us needs to be committed to."

Law firms that have signed up to the Law Society's Charter are required to annually publish detailed statistics on diversity including age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion of employees, which require signatories.