Five companies going the extra mile for employees during Coronavirus

We live in unprecedented times and the news can become overwhelming at times.

That’s why HR magazine has curated a roundup of just a few of the many companies doing great work to help their employees at this difficult time.


BT is working hard to keep its customers connected including working on the new Nightingale Hospitals to allow isolated patients to speak with their loved ones.

It has therefore offered its frontline workers an annual pay increase of 1.5% effective from 1 July 2020.

Managerial staff will not receive a payrise in 2020/21.

The communications company has also granted £500 of BT shares to all employees in June, equalling a £50m investment .


Gas distributor Cadent is offering its 4,000 employees two days of paid volunteer leave each month to help the most vulnerable.

This includes helping out at food banks or delivering medicines and food supplies to those who are self isolating.


Global consultancy Brandpie has created a free tool to help companies reach out and support employees while working from home during the COVID-19 crisis

It has developed a staff survey and “internal collaboration session”, both anonymous, to get insights into employee needs and concerns and help company leaders ensure employees are supported, connected, and coping in the current situation.

Brandpie will also be offering additional free moderated sessions with employee engagement experts for charities and NGOs.

Sparqa Legal

Online platform Sparqa Legal is offering expert legal guidance and autogenerated documents for all businesses.

It has also launched The Sparqa Post, a free service providing key expert legal advice in relation to COVID-19 and other issues.


Supermarket chain Morrisons has offered all frontline staff a 6% bonus on their earnings for the next 12 months.

This equals a bonus payment of £1,050 for a full-time colleague compared to the £351 that would have been paid last year based on the usual bonus period of 8-12 weeks salary.

Employees who are off sick, self-isolating and temporary will all be eligible for the bonus.

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