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Employee assistance programmes increasingly used for legal advice

More employees are using employee assistance programmes (EAPs) for legal advice rather than mental health, according to data from intermediary Towergate Health and Protection.

What can This Morning's Phil and Holly feud teach HR?

Reports of disagreement between presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby of ITV's This Morning do not reflect a new workplace phenomenon. It has always been true that colleagues fall out and...

Whose job is it to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?

Self-evidently, each of us as individuals is morally and ethically responsible for our behaviour, including at work.


Menopause at work: what's the employer's responsibility?

Menopause is often seen as a taboo topic of conversation. This is not surprising given the personal nature of the symptoms and impact on the individual's personal life.

Platinum Jubilee weekend - what are employees entitled to?

While many employees may already be swept-up in making plans for the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend – are they legally entitled to this extra day off?

Employers risking fines for National Minimum Wage breaches

Businesses are at increased risk of landing heavy fines for unintentional National Minimum Wage (NMW) breaches, according to Grant Thornton UK.

Uber loses Supreme Court battle resulting in drivers classed as workers

Uber drivers in the UK will now be entitled to the national minimum wage, holiday pay and rest breaks after being officially classed as workers rather than self-employed by the Supreme Court.

Can there ever be a happy marriage between HR teams and their employment law advisors?

Pete Byrne, founder and CEO of employment law firm and ER technology business ESPHR, delves into the traditional relationship between HR departments and employment law teams – and what the missing...

Legal-ease: What HR needs to know about returning from furlough

HR magazine speaks to Simon Kerr-Davis, employment counsel at Linklaters about the legal implications of workers returning from furlough in part three of this month's cover story.

Lessons in managing disciplinary and grievance procedures remotely

The increase in remote working since the COVID-19 outbreak has posed practical challenges for HR, including how to best manage disciplinary and grievance procedures remotely.

Why the Rule of Six could prove a storm in a coffee cup for HR

Emma Swan, partner and head of commercial employment law at Forbes Solicitors, looks at grey areas around the government’s 'Rule of Six’ law and what these mean for HR.

When coronavirus concerns become whistleblowing

With the coronavirus pandemic gradually easing, many employers are now turning their attention to the challenge of bringing employees back to the office in a safe manner.