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Academy training service launched for Devon & Cornwall Constabulary officers

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary has launched an academy training service to improve the operational effectiveness of officers while also reducing the amount of time they need to spend in the classroom.

Working with Airwave, the organisation piloted a range of tailored online learning packages to enable officers to work more efficiently and effectively.  The packages are designed with practical content using operational best practice, with a ‘local' look and feel. They are suitable for either learning new skills or providing refresher training to officers.

The Devon & Cornwall police pilot, carried out between January and March 2010, demonstrated an average of 20% improvement in embedded knowledge when compared with pre-learning assessment after only an average of 40 minutes training.

In addition to this, an increase of 13% was seen in status messages between the pilot group and the force overall, and a difference of 21% between the two groups on the most used status messages, demonstrating increased willingness to use the functionality offered by the service.

Officers can access the training at their own pace and enhance their knowledge gained during basic training.  The training aimed to improve officer safety through awareness of the correct operation of the Airwave service and drive internal efficiencies through the better use of officers' time. 

Inspector Ian Milligan of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary's Plymouth BCU, commented:  "The academy has delivered more than we had expected allowing us to achieve a measureable increase of operational effectiveness at a reduced cost. The training sessions were appreciated by the officers who took them and we have already noticed the practical benefits of the academy in the way they use their radios."