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Exclusive: Met Police HRD Martin Tiplady agrees bonuses for police officers should be scrapped

The Metropolitan Police's HR director has dismissed the idea that bonuses motivate police officers.

Speaking exclusively to HR magazine following the announcement from his chief commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, that bonuses in the Met were "divisive" and should be "scrapped", Martin Tiplady said: "I agree with my boss. It is hard to see where bonuses make an impact [in the organisation].

"I came from a commercial background where big bucks motivate employees and, while bonuses here are not ungenerous, staff don't work hard for them, they want to work in the right environment where they can display their skills.

"Police officer are a high-performing bunch and bonuses are disproportionate to their value."

Discussing the "divisive" nature of police bonuses, Tiplady said: "The bonuses can be divisive because of the way they are provided. We reward 40% of high-performing officers with what we call a special payment, but 60% of those who work on regular terms don't get them."

And added: "[Stephenson] could have been entitled to an accumulative value of £100,000 in bonus payments over the past five years, but he has declined to be considered for this."