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Proskills calls for greater investment in skills training for process and manufacturing sector


Proskills, the Sector Skills Council for the Process and Manufacturing sector, is urging the Government to put greater investment behind skills training and qualification in this month's Emergency Budget. This will help bridge the widening skills gap, which is affecting the future of these industries and UK manufacturing and construction.

The process and manufacturing sector manufactures a variety of products that are crucial to the UK supply chain in construction. Yet Government has failed to include the needs of the companies and employees within these sectors when considering skills training and qualification schemes.

According to research from Proskills, there are around 3,500 vacancies across this sector. More than 44,000 people already in employment in the sector have skill gaps relating to their current occupations.  Investing in training and development for new and existing employees will help fill these vacancies and deal with the current skills crisis.

Terry Watts, CEO of Proskills, said: "To remain at the forefront of world manufacturing we must, with employers, invest in the skills of the workforce and make those skills transferable to allow people to become multi-specialists. By working in partnership with employers and supporting them in their investment in skills during this transition, we can help people to build their future in UK manufacturing.

"Manufacturing activity is on the rise and, with the Budget due out on 22 June, we urge the Government to look at how they can best invest in the skills of the whole of the UK workforce. We have a significant opportunity to be flexible, innovative and make rapid changes; this is a once in a generation opportunity to change the skills system."