UK tech workers believe location should be unrelated to pay

Almost half (49%) of UK workers at tech SMEs said they believe pay and benefits should be based on ability rather than location, and more would like further remote opportunities according to a poll from software company Remote.

A critical consideration for organisations planning to introduce more flexible or hybrid working practices post pandemic, 30% of those asked said pay and reward should be adjusted only according to the local cost of living.

Twenty-one per cent said both location and ability should be reflected in pay.

Adding to sentiments that 32% of the UK workforce would be more interested in living in a rural area since the outbreak, the majority of (79%) of respondents to the poll said they would consider relocating elsewhere if remote work was availble to them.

Adding to the Social Mobility Commission’s (SMC) report that urged employers to cast their net wider when seeking new talent, 63% of Remote’s survey respondents in the UK also said entrepreneurs need to look outside London to find the best tech talent.

“Remote work has the potential to be a great equaliser,” Remote co-founder Job van der Voort, told HR magazine.

"Currently, companies think very locally, which can limit both their ability to hire the best talent and the opportunities available for talented people. If you don’t live in the right place, if you weren’t brought up in the right place, your opportunities are limited. This is what we call a poverty of opportunity.

“We want to upend this system and create true equality of opportunity for anyone, wherever they are from, wherever they live in the world," he said.

The poll also suggested that the option to work remotely would instil more loyalty in employees. Seventy per cent of respondents said that they would stay with their employer at least one year longer if they could work remotely, and 22% said it would encourage them to stay for ten years of longer.

The UK results of Remote’s 2020 Global Workforce Revolution Report are based on 764 responses from people who work in SME IT departments.