People sustainability: the six key pillars to success

There is a lot more to creating a sustainable business than just using recycled paper. In fact, to really work it requires a substantial refocusing on your people, your suppliers and the wider...

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Currys paid gender reassignment benefit celebrated by inclusion experts

Currys’ offer of paid gender reassignment leave, announced alongside a broader set of diversity and inclusion policies, is a great move say inclusion and HR experts.


More young black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani women join top jobs, but pay gap remains

The number of young (16-25) black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani (BBP) women in the three highest paying occupations more than doubled over the past decade to 14% of the workforce.

Argos, Buzz Bingo and Chanel among fines for minimum wage violations

Well known retailers were named and shamed by the government list of employers who were fined for minimum wage breaches between 2017 and 2019.

Carer’s Leave Bill – what employers need to know

The Carer’s Leave Bill is expected to come into force in 2024 after it received final approval from the House of Lords in May.

Low-income households skip meals due to cost of living

As the cost of living crisis continues, 5.7 million low-income households had to cut down or skip meals, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).

Five ways to boost your benefits strategy

It’s never been tougher to find new talent, which makes retaining your existing talent even more crucial.

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Equal pay audits missing from half of UK businesses

Half (51%) of UK organisations have never completed an equal pay audit, according to research from reward consultancy, 3R Strategy.

Return to the office: what employers are doing to incentivise in-office work

Google, Meta, Salesforce, Amazon and Disney have all asked employees to return to the office in recent weeks, backtracking on formerly more flexible hybrid work policies.

Pensions education at work: swotting-up on savings

Pensions have been in the news a lot but do employees understand them? If not, how can employers step in? Dan Cave reports.

Fathers can’t afford paternity leave, finds TUC

Paternity leave is not taken at all by 21% of fathers, and financial worries are the biggest reason for this (27%).

Five new ways to get board buy-in for financial wellbeing initiatives

It’s a well-worn cliché that boardrooms only care about data. The cliché falls apart when you speak to HR directors that have actually got buy-in for wellbeing initiatives. A blended, tailored...