HR Most Influential Podcast 3.5: Taking the pulse

Tiger de Souza, suicide prevention charity Samaritans' executive director of people and culture, joins the podcast to discuss how HR can consciously, intentionally build communication with its...

New episode: 'Taking the pulse' in a hybrid working age

A new episode of the HR Most Influential podcast has gone live, featuring Tiger de Souza, executive director of people and culture at suicide prevention charity Samaritans.

Why your workforce shouldn’t be a ‘family’

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky recently said he regretted referring to his workforce as a ‘family’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Six top tips for navigating challenging conversations in the workplace

For professionals working in HR, handling difficult conversations is a vital skill.

Don’t risk scoring an own goal over Euro 2024

As the England football team prepares for the finals of the 2024 European Championships this weekend, organisations may be considering following Tesco’s lead by closing early to allow employees to...

What’s new on #WorkTok?

Just as the world of work has constantly evolved, so too has the world of #WorkTok. The app now features hashtags including #ActYourWage, #BareMinimumMondays, #RageApplying and #JobShiftShock.

Should the UK adopt an out-of-hours work ban?

Keir Starmer’s government may introduce a ‘right to switch off’, as part of its ‘new deal for workers’. But is banning employers from contacting staff out of hours the right approach?

How to deal with the complexities of 'human' organisations

You may have noticed that organisations have started to include a reference to ‘human’ in some aspect of their culture, strategy or branding. Why?

Unleashing the power of learning communities 

What makes learning communities flourish?

We must celebrate neurodivergence, not just accept it

In a world where diversity and inclusion have become essential elements for business success, we must move beyond mere acceptance of neurodivergent employees and toward a culture that celebrates...

How leaders can foster engagement during the ‘Big Stay’

As workers delay moving jobs, it is becoming far more important for leaders to keep employees engaged and energised.


Adrian Chiles returns to tribunal over £1.7m IR35 case

TV presenter Adrian Chiles will head back to tribunal to face HMRC over £1.7 million in tax claims, after an appeal found that the first-tier tribunal (FTT) had misinterpreted the law.