David Liddle

A new model for company culture fit

Why did you choose to work in HR? I doubt that it was to adhere to rigid, painful processes, or to sit in lengthy disciplinary hearings. On the contrary, HR professionals I work with tell me that...


What a good relationship between HR and unions looks like

The relationship between unions and the internal HR team can be tense - so how can you make sure it works in employee's best interests? David Liddle offers some tips.


Manage workplace animosity with tact and respect

In a powerful inauguration speech last week, President Biden called upon American citizens to “join forces, stop shouting and lower the temperature.”


Why kindness should be fundamental for leadership

Kindness has been a pretty high-profile topic over recent months. During the pandemic, we have seen neighbours pulling together to help each other out. ‘Be Kind’ messages have appeared on noticeboards...


Handling conflict mediations triggered by COVID-19

The UK workforce has faced the most difficult conditions in living memory over the past four months, so it’s hardly surprising that so many employees have been traumatised by their COVID-19...


Formal approaches aren't always the answer to sexual harassment

When it comes to sexual harassment allegations businesses are slow to embrace restorative solutions


Why mediation is the key to the Royal Mail meltdown

Royal Mail's bid to stop strikes by postal workers in the run-up to Christmas is being heard by the High Court, but mediation would perhaps have been the more effective route


Resolving the Brexit deadlock: Reflections from a mediator

Bluff, bluster and bloody-mindedness won’t cut it and will ultimately lead to failure