Reward and remuneration

How to build a compensation plan

A good compensation plan combines several models and objectives and is adapted to the organisation's culture, the type of employee and the field of work

Back to basics... Pre-paid employee reward cards

Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

Communicating employee salary packages effectively

Organisations that invest in their workforce’s pay without communicating the investment will be perceived as equal to organisations that haven’t invested in them at all

Minimum wage boost won't end in-work poverty

Increases to the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage welcomed, but experts say organisations must do more to support employees on low pay

RemCos must cap executive pay and appoint employee reps, say MPs

Large companies should better share profits with staff by curbing exec pay, a select committee report has said. But critics highlight how long academics and politicians have been suggesting such...

Universal basic income around the world

How a universal basic income was piloted in Finland and Namibia

Ditch the glitz in reward management strategies

The Institute for Employment Studies outlines six key areas to focus on when it comes to reward

Government publishes new guidance on gender pay gap

?As the reporting deadline for the second year approaches new guidance has been released to help employers close their gaps

Work has been corrupted by performance metrics

Research over the past decade explains how performance metrics can lead to unintended and harmful outcomes in professional work

Can we scrap our employee bonus scheme?

If an employer wishes to remove an existing scheme they should proceed with caution

Fat Cat Friday: Does HR only have itself to blame?

While poor corporate governance and boards have been blamed for the CEO-worker pay gap, HR should look to its own management processes and ask if employees as a whole are losing out

HRDs earn almost £25k less than FDs

Recent figures obtained from top executives across the UK show that finance directors earn significantly more than HR directors

Reward and remuneration