Reward and remuneration

Progress on gender pay gaps too slow

Recent ONS figures, this year's looming Equal Pay Day and high-profile equal pay disputes all highlight the urgent need to tackle ongoing gender pay and bonus gaps and unequal pay

The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018

?These came into force in January 2019, with most reporting generally beginning in 2020 (apart from CEO pay ratios)

Webinar: Should recognition be a strategic activity?

Our latest webinar explored employee recognition and how to implement an effective strategy

Back to basics... Awarding bonuses

Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

Corporate governance and exec remuneration at Thomas Cook

Questions need to be asked about whether board members had the best interests of the company at heart

Employee recognition strategies falling short

Speakers at an HR magazine and Achievers webinar discussed how sophisticated recognition strategies are today and how organisations can get this area right

Executive pay: Is RemCo discretion the answer?

Demonstrating that RemCos understand the wider workforce’s pay packages, powers to exercise discretion, and a willingness to act may go a long way towards addressing high pay issues

Executive pay: Pensions aren't the point

Focusing on aligning executives' pension contribution levels with the wider workforce will not solve ongoing issues with executive pay

Teacher starting salaries set to increase to £30,000

Starting salaries for teachers could rise by up to £6,000 under new government plans

Exec pay falls by 13% but gulf between top and bottom of firms remains "unacceptably wide"

Executive salaries remain far higher than those of the average worker despite a slight decrease over the past year, according to research from the CIPD and the High Pay Centre

Employers not measuring the impact of employee benefits

Organisations could be in the dark about which perks their workforces value most

Unlimited holiday offered by more companies

There's been a large increase in firms offering unlimited holiday, but experts warn such schemes can lead to employees taking too little time off

Reward and remuneration