Stephen Bevan

How workers can manage both health and productivity

Within the space of a few short weeks, the gloomy forecasts of rising joblessness after the furlough scheme ended have morphed into stories of labour shortages and the ‘great resignation’. What is...


Why ‘good work’ trumps fruit and pilates evangelism every time

Embedding the concept of 'good work' in HR practices will deliver better health and productivity than focusing on more superficial lifestyle factors


Obesity at work: Fighting fat or fighting stigma?

Whatever your personal judgements about the causes of a health condition, we will get better outcomes if we provide support rather than vilification


What does the future of HR look like?

What do the next generation of HR leaders think the future of HR looks like?


What can we learn from HR's emerging talent?

Stephen Bevan, head of HR research development at the Institute of Employment Studies, looks to the future leaders of HR


Stephen Bevan: we still don't trust people to work flexibly

The prevailing culture of most workplaces is still not ready to trust people to work out of sight


Stephen Bevan: Dementia should not be a barrier to work

With a rapidly ageing workforce, health conditions such as dementia should not be a barrier to having a full, fulfilling and extended working life.


How can we kickstart investment in human capital?

Regulation and persuasion are ineffective. Is there a third way to encourage investment?


How to break out of the low pay, low productivity cycle

Despite the good news around ?employment figures, the UK still seems to be stuck in ?a low pay, low ?productivity cycle.


Government action on workplace health long overdue

Despite recent good news about the UK jobs market, we still face a struggle to raise levels of productivity to anything like their pre-crisis levels.


Line managers are the squeezed middle of business

Leaders are often touted as charismatic, hero-type figures, but it's time we looked beyond the rhetoric. Line managers have more influence over organisational success, but are squeezed from above and...


Stephen Bevan: financial rewards don't motivate workers

As top pay comes under scrutiny in annual meetings, it becomes clear that financial incentives aren't the best motivators.