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Is your organisation effectively addressing its employee needs?

Improving employee experience begins with understanding an employee’s point of view, but some organisations are currently failing to do that.


How can HR improve its payroll for good?

A business couldn’t survive without a payroll system, yet for many HR leaders, it can be complicated to pick the right system for their organisation.


HR's reputation: what do employees really think of the people profession?

HR professionals know their worth within an organisation, but from the outside looking in, the people profession is often misunderstood. In the space of a few short weeks, the pandemic changed all of...


Safeguarding employees as we return to work

HR has been under insurmountable strain over the last year, with its next and potentially most important challenge being how to help employees return to the workplace safely.


HR’s role as cultural champions

HR professionals know just how important a positive, productive and inclusive organisational culture is. But at a time of extra stress on organisations, it can be challenging for HR to be facilitator,...


Five secrets to unlock an effective workforce management system

The ongoing pandemic has meant many organisations have been catapulted into unexplored new ways of work, with the likelihood of success balancing on a number of variables.


Why HR should consider an employee listening strategy to improve engagement

Every HR professional wants to better understand how an employee truly feels about an organisation.


HR leaders as champions of change: lessons learnt from the pandemic

The coronavirus shattered our understanding of how a modern workplace should function and acted as a catalyst for change by driving the people agenda up the priority list.


How mature is your organisation when it comes to digital learning?

Maturity models have helped to fuel thinking and approach for learning and development training for decades.


Isn’t it time you switched to electric?

With the climate emergency firmly on political and industrial agendas, plus some employees demonstrating a lack of willingness to jump on crowded commuter trains and buses, now may be the perfect time...


Leading HR into the future

?Almost all jobs have been impacted by coronavirus, but few professions more than HR have seen a total overhaul.


How to support diversity, equity, and inclusion with technology: a leadership discussion

Diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) has been top of mind for HR leaders for years.