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Balancing trust with control noted as key challenge for employers

Striking the balance between trust in your employees and an inherent need for control is a challenge for organisations when it comes to flexible working and autonomy in the workplace

Shared Parental Leave to become more popular

Employers should prepare themselves for more staff taking interest in Shared Parental Leave (SPL), according to a Winckworth Sherwood report

Single parents earn significantly less

Single parents are less likely to progress at work and are earning significantly less than two-parent households, according to single parent charity Gingerbread

Freelancers report high job satisfaction

Full-time freelancers have rated their job satisfaction an average of 4.1 out of five in a survey from financial services provider Payoneer

HRD's pocket guide to... auditing

The HRD’s pocket guide series offers an explanation of areas outside day-to-day HR that business-savvy HRDs need to have a handle on

BBC cutting 450 jobs to save money

The BBC’s plans to reach its £800 million savings target are predicted to lead to 450 job losses at BBC News

Collaboration chasm between HR and finance

There is a lack of collaboration and co-ordination between finance, HR and the leaders of UK businesses, according to OrgVue research

Health and wellbeing investments made in manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is investing in workforce health and wellbeing, with 90% of companies reporting productivity boosts as a result

Hot topic: Transition to a green economy, part two

Polling for the general election suggested that the environment was a greater concern for voters than ever

What HR directors can learn from Hollywood

Hollywood is known for its glitz, glamour and as the heart of the multi-billion-dollar global entertainment industry. It is not often seen as a paradigm of HR best practice

UK businesses failing informal carers

Informal carers are being left behind by UK businesses, new research from care, health and wellbeing service WeMa Care has revealed

The HRBP's pivotal role in HR technology

Be an advocate for technology or get left behind

Organisational design