Employee benefits

London could be on brink of ‘urban exodus’ due to pandemic

A quarter (26%) of Londoners have said that they want to continue working outside the capital post-lockdown, adding to ideas that the pandemic could encourage employers to rethink their hiring...

Employers hit with October deadline for flagging CJRS mistakes

Employers have 90 days to notify HMRC of any accidental claims of coronavirus financial support, following the passing of the 2019-21 Finance Bill last week.

Gender pay gap reporting and trans people

As COVID-19 challenges develop and, hopefully, subside, the enforcement of the pay gap reporting deadline for employers with at least 250 employees in Great Britain will continue from 6 April 2021.

Employers reconsider financial wellbeing for employees post-coronavirus

More employers are considering a workplace savings scheme to reprioritise financial wellbeing following coronavirus.

CIPD calls for bereavement leave and pay for all employees experiencing close family loss

The CIPD is calling for the right to bereavement leave and pay to be extended to all employees experiencing the loss of a close family member.

New HMRC guidance for self-employed hints at cost of human error and overpayment

?HMRC has issued new guidance prompting the self-employed to repay the government’s income support scheme grant.

Repayment of furlough: transparency in overdrive?

The government's furlough scheme saw billions handed out, staving off the need for redundancies.

Protecting the financial wellbeing of the next generation

?Many have welcomed last week’s proposal from Chancellor Rishi Sunak, outlining how the UK will approach rising unemployment levels, and encouraging businesses to provide additional traineeships,...

How important is data when grappling with furlough, redundancy and recruitment?

One of the big trends emerging in talent acquisition since the coronavirus pandemic struck has been a greater need for internal mobility and redeployment. Data-driven decisions for this have never...

Experts warn chancellor’s Job Retention Bonus is a “drop in the ocean” when dealing with furlough

?Chancellor Rishi Sunak has outlined a three-point ‘plan for jobs’ aiming to provide support to some of the sectors and demographics most affected by the pandemic.

Furlough scheme makes pay cuts the norm

?UK employers have slashed pay rise budgets and reduced the size of their workforce as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Willis Towers Watson.

CJRS amendment creates redundancy confusion

?A new amendment added to the Treasury’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) direction has created further confusion and potential worries for employers with workers on furlough.

Employee benefits