Working hours

Does your workplace need the right to disconnect?

One of the most common consequences of homeworking brought on by the pandemic has been the difficulty many are facing with creating a clear distinction between work and home life, which risks leading...

Calls for shorter City trader working hours welcomed

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has announced it is considering cutting 90 minutes off the trading day in a bid to improve worker mental health and attract more women and working parents to the...

Working hours cap unrealistic, finds report

A Labour-commissioned study has dismissed a French-style cap on the length of the working week

Four-day week popular with three-quarters of UK workers

While research shows employees are in favour of a four-day week and increased flexibility, most firms still only offer traditional working hours

Four-day working week boosts PR firm's growth

Research finds employees expect technology to deliver a four-day working week in the near future, as one organisation proves the effectiveness of this approach

Record working hours EU court tells employers

As the EU court rules that employers must keep track of working hours, experts raise issues over tracking commuting time and work done from home

UK’s long-hours working culture worst in EU

Employees in the UK are working longer hours but are less productive than their European counterparts, according to the TUC

Staff working three extra days each month

Almost one in eight (79%) office-based staff work on average 20.4 hours (almost three full working days) beyond their contracted hours each month, sapping their productivity and wellbeing

Shorter working week could tackle UK productivity issues

New research finds no correlation between long working hours and productivity

Staff working out of hours could be violating GDPR

UK workers struggling to switch off outside of working hours could be breaching GDPR rules, according to Insurance2go

British workers reject nine to five working

More than half of UK adults (58%) want to move away from traditional working patterns, according to research by McDonald's

Hospitality struggling to keep workers

The hospitality sector is facing high turnover rates that could worsen after Brexit, according to research