Unconscious bias

Poor strategy crippling D&I efforts

Over half (51%) of SMEs don’t have a process for setting diversity hiring goals, according to a new report.

The impact of cognitive ‘propaganda’ on minority ethnic workers

Last month, The Ivy Asia issued a formal apology after its ‘culturally insensitive’ and ‘totally inappropriate’ ad campaign sparked outrage from critics and members of the public.

Hybrid work brings new biases to the fore

Hybrid working has exploded and its impact on how people are led and managed will be tremendous, both positively and negatively. Whereas some leaders have embraced the changes with open arms and have...

Gendered job ad language discouraging women

??Organisations could be losing out on talent because of the language they use in job adverts, according to LinkedIn

Lower socio-economic backgrounds still underrepresented in law

People from lower socio-economic backgrounds are hugely underrepresented in the legal profession, research from The Bridge Group and The Sutton Trust has found

Hiring managers asking off-limit interview questions

?As many as 85% of interviewers have admitted to asking discriminatory questions during the recruitment process, including about age and plans to have children