Binna Kandola

How leaders can identify racial trauma

The evidence that racism exists in workplaces is incontestable. Discussion of issues such as the race pay gap and the lack of BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) representation at senior levels is...


How imposter syndrome and racism overlap

Workplace attitudes to race and lack of role models mean BAME individuals are more susceptible to imposter syndrome


Racism has mutated to survive

We’ve come a long way since the days when 60% of employed black women worked as domestic servants, but racism is not gone


Hot topic: Diversity quotas, part two

PwC recently announced plans to ban all-male shortlists to boost the number of senior women


Why we’re too afraid to report racism to HR

A culture in which racism is allowed to slide and consequently reoccur is just as damaging as the abuse itself


Are appointments doomed to bias?

Lack of self-reflection and denial of even the possibility of bias make it even more likely to occur


My New Year's resolution for HR: Get D&I right

D&I stayed in the spotlight last year but there's still a way to go. What should HR start, stop and continue doing?