Why male fertility needs addressing, too

Infertility affects a significant portion of the population with research showing that approximately one in six couples are struggling to conceive.

Is the UK done with career break stigma?

Gaps on a CV can be for anything from travelling to raising children and are rarely an indication of how 'ready' someone is for work. But are employers finally ready to drop the stigma?

Flexible work stigma still an obstacle in UK

Data released by Business in the Community (BITC), has revealed that even after two years of remote working, employees are still fearful of asking about flexible working when applying for a job.

Workplace period stigma must be tackled

?Employees feel unable to discuss menstruation at work, while many workplaces do not offer sanitary bins or products

Low-paid workers less likely to speak out about mental health

Workers on lower salaries feel less comfortable talking to their employer about mental health, according to a report from Barnett Waddingham

Employees on mental health first aid courses to double

?The number sent on mental health first aid courses is set to double as more bosses realise the scale of worker stress and depression, according to St John Ambulance

CIPD and Mind launch mental health guide for managers

?The CIPD and Mind have published a revised mental health guide for managers to improve support for those experiencing stress and mental health issues at work

School-leavers believe apprenticeships are for 'under-achievers'

Misconceptions about apprenticeships are rife among UK students, according to research by Arch Apprentices

Opening up about depression boosts productivity

?Employees able to speak openly about their depression with managers are more productive, according to the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)?

Workers fear long-term health condition stigma

34% of UK workers have lied about their reasons for taking time off sick out of fear of stigma, according to research

Employees unable to identify common mental health conditions

?The majority of UK employees struggle to identify symptoms of common mental health conditions, resulting in treatment delays for millions

Employers lack knowledge of diabetes

16% of people with diabetes feel they’ve been discriminated against at work because of their condition, according to Diabetes UK