How to get reward right without being reactive

Businesses are facing a lot of challenges right now. Quiet quitting combined with a cost of living crisis and economic slump, is a recipe for a restless, discontented workforce.

Employee experience trends for 2023

While it’s difficult to predict any specific event, one thing we can predict is that through 2023 and beyond, business and employees will face ongoing disruption.

Keeping your talents by setting them free, part two

Connecting your top talent with external experts and the larger professional community can improve loyalty and give them the validation and growth opportunities they need, find Kamila Moulaï and...

Road to recognition: how to make employees feel valued

Thanking someone for a job well done may seem simple, but the right recognition can make all the difference when it comes to employee morale and productivity. Nosa Omoigui reports

Watch: How to use recognition to help employees thrive

The latest HR Lunchtime Debate exploring the link between wellbeing and recognition is now available to view on demand.

What MasterChef Australia has taught me about winner vs loser mentality

Let me start with the good news, which is that 87% of organisations have recognition programmes. Fantastic. So, if you do the maths, this should equate to an equally high percentage of employees...

Unlimited holiday is 'click-bait HR policy'

Stockbroker firm, FinnCapp, HR consultancy CharlieHR and media agency The7stars. Three very different companies with one thing in common: they’ve all implemented unlimited holiday for employees and...

Have you mastered the art of social recognition?

During the past century, employee recognition consisted of managers giving their employees tactical forms of reward – like pins or watches – for simply sticking around.


Reward programmes not effective say HR

Many HR professionals don’t think their organisation's rewards and recognition programme is up to scratch, according to research from Reward Gateway

Employers failing to give staff a voice at work

Employees feel unable to share their concerns on workplace issues, which is affecting their wellbeing and job satisfaction

Why needing recognition is a clear sign of emotional immaturity

Recognition is a strategy that we all use to feel competent - to feel good enough.