Pay inequality

Publishing salaries openly reduces gender pay gap

Publicly displaying employee salaries can significantly reduce pay inequities according to a study of nearly 100,000 academics across the US.

TUC calls for ‘economic reset’ to tackle COVID class divide

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for an urgent “economic reset” to tackle the huge class divide in Britain that it said has been exposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hidden jobs gap in the UK putting low-paid workers at risk

The record number of vacancies arising from the UK's economic recovery from COVID-19 is hiding a jobs gap with low-paid workers most at risk.

Exec pay falls by 13% but gulf between top and bottom of firms remains "unacceptably wide"


Executive salaries remain far higher than those of the average worker despite a slight decrease over the past year, according to research from the CIPD and the High Pay Centre

Heathrow workers to walk out over pay

?More than 4,000 workers at Heathrow airport, including customer service, engineering and security staff have voted to strike over pay

Employers should report ethnicity and disability pay gaps, says think tank

Pay transparency should be extended to cover ethnicity and disability pay gaps, according to a report from the Institute for Public Policy Research

Pay inequality among men driven by part-time work

Employee benefits

?Men on lower wages are working fewer hours, while higher-paid men are working more