Inclusion strategy

Using a Diversity Dictionary to overcome fear of saying the wrong thing

The benefits of a business with people from different backgrounds are clear. Not only does it bring diversity of thought and allow people to learn from different experiences, but it can also help...

Stonewall denies militancy charge over Equality Index guidelines

LGBT+ charity Stonewall has received criticism for its Workplace Equality Index guidelines, which suggest companies could give multiple email accounts to gender fluid workers.

How might HR get in the way of creating truly diverse and inclusive cultures?  

Whether generalist or specialist, most HR professionals have explored diversity and inclusion (D&I). It may therefore seem counter intuitive that all too often, the very function that tends to lead on...

D&I Clinic: Supporting colleagues with ADHD without a diagnosis

The pandemic saw an uptick in the number of people discovering they have ADHD. In the latest D&I Clinic, consultant Jess Peacock discusses how to support those colleagues, either with or without a...

Hybrid work could mean employers are overlooking disabled staff

Disabled employees are concerned they will lose out on opportunities at work due to working remotely.

How can we stop diversity and inclusion washing becoming the next big corporate problem?

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) has become a point of brand differentiation, almost of bragging rights. But if you look into it closely, can anyone say that we are closer to an inclusive, fair...

D&I clinic: How to make recruitment processes more inclusive for neurodivergent workers

Our resident D&I expert Huma Qazi advises HR on recruitment and neurodiversity.

Social mobility: The route less travelled in D&I, part two

Employers are getting to grips with social mobility as part of building a fairer workplace. Beau Jackson reports on the pitfalls HR needs to be aware of when taking its first steps.

Networking when neurodivergent could be made easier

Networking can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, but it can be much more difficult for people with neurodivergent conditions.

Virgin Atlantic repeals tattoo ban for cabin crew

Virgin Atlantic lifted its ban on cabin crew displaying their tattoos at work last week, becoming the first airline to do. Will we see more tattoos on show in the workplace of the future?

Is the workplace more trans-inclusive than society?

In the wider world the transgender community is not still experiencing enough support and inclusion and there is a new surge in rhetoric, harassment and discrimination, and a huge wedge between gender...

Million more disabled people in work than five years ago

The UK government has exceeded targets to see a million more disabled people in work five years ahead of schedule, yet campaigners warn of the underlying disability employment gap.