Hundreds of NHS nurses suspected of faking qualifications

More than 700 NHS nurses are under investigation for providing suspected fraudulent qualifications.

The new Failure to Prevent Fraud offence: the employer perspective

Fraud is now the most prevalent criminal offence in the UK, with the government reporting that fraud represents more than 40% of all crime.

UK government plans to make businesses liable for employee fraud

The government has proposed a new bill which will make it easier to prosecute a large organisation if an employee commits fraud for the benefit of a business.

Are your anti-bribery and anti-fraud policies up to scratch?

With the pandemic’s knock-on effect lingering and a cost of living crisis underway, many challenges are on the horizon for businesses of all sectors and sizes. As with any economic crisis, the...

Furlough fraud cost HMRC £100 million

HMRC estimates organised crime gangs used the furlough support scheme to defraud £104 million since 2020.

Does working from home create a higher risk of fraud?

Fraud in mid-sized UK businesses rose by over 20% in 2021. Working from home has been blamed for the rise, but accidental fraud could also be part of the cause.

Pension scams cost victims £91,000 each

As regulators launch a campaign to warn against pension scams, HR also has a vital role in protecting employees