Flexible working

12 months of 2022: December

As we reach the end of the year, our 12 Days of Christmas countdown revisits each month's most notable happenings.

Women won't reach pension parity until 2028

Women in the UK will not reach the same pension savings as men until 2028, according to a Freedom of Information request from pension consultancy Broadstone.

Employment law outlook for 2023

This year has been a rollercoaster, but we shouldn’t expect 2023 to be any less bumpy.  As we (potentially) see rights given with one hand, could we see them being taken away with the other?

UK workers given day-one flexible working rights

Millions of UK employees will be able to request flexible working from their first day of employment, as per new measures introduced by the government.

Working mothers looking for new jobs as inflation spikes

More than half (55%) of working mothers in the UK have said they will look for new jobs in the next 12 months, according to research from employment support service Working Mums.

What to do when the lights are off, but the employees are in

The pressure on gas supplies has sparked fears that there may be a need for scheduled blackouts across the UK when energy usage peaks this winter.

UK employers band together in support of flexible recruitment

Representatives from major UK employers have signed an open letter calling for flexible recruitment – offering flexible working options to candidates – to become the default practice across the...

Financial stability led older workers to leave during pandemic

The majority of workers over 50 who left employment during the second wave of the pandemic were able to do so because of a comfortable financial situation, according to data from the Office for...

Four-day week pilot: success for majority at mid-way point

Businesses halfway through the UK’s first large-scale four-day week trial have reported improved productivity and are likely to continue it once the trial is over.

Childcare staffing crisis demands flexibility from employers

A staffing crisis in UK nurseries and spiralling costs of childcare has meant half (51%) of parents have been unable to meet their summer childcare needs.

Disability employment gap worse for men than women

Disabled men are more likely to be unemployed than non-disabled men, disabled women and non-disabled women in the UK.

Low paternity pay makes fathers reluctant to take leave

Low paternity pay meant just a third of eligible new fathers took paternity leave in the last year.