Ethnic diversity

Ethnic diversity in FTSE 100 companies continues to grow

Nearly all (97%) of FTSE 100 companies now have at least one director from an ethnic minority background on their board, a study by Thomson Reuters Practical Law has revealed.

Ethnic and LGBTQ+ representation in UK leadership soars

Ethnic representation on leadership teams rose from 59% to 81% between May 2022 and 2023, while the number of companies with LGBTQ+ leadership has risen from 34% to 56% in the same time period,...

Parker Review sets new ethnic diversity targets for FTSE 350

Following results from the 2022 Parker Review, FTSE 350 companies have been asked to set their own 2027 targets for ethnic minority representation in senior management positions.

How to break the diverse leadership paradox

Many businesses have made progress on improving gender equality, but ethnic minority representation still lags behind.

Hot topic part two: Do diverse hires lead to more inclusive policies?

Succeeding Boris Johnson, prime minister Liz Truss has been hailed for appointing one of the most diverse cabinets in UK history.

Ethnicity pay gap persists regardless of high company pay levels

Male employees from ethnic minority backgrounds are earning on average 10% less than their white colleagues within the same workplace, according to Bayes Business School research.

Unfairness driving away black employees

Black workers are more likely to experience unfair working conditions than their white counterparts, leading them to leave their jobs.

Ethnicity pay gap hitting Caribbean workers hardest

Caribbean employees in the UK are disproportionately affected by workplace ethnicity pay gaps.

How imposter syndrome and racism overlap

Workplace attitudes to race and lack of role models mean BAME individuals are more susceptible to imposter syndrome