Employer brand

Has tech taken the soul out of recruiting?

Recruiters and candidates are increasingly using technology to manage the high volume of available roles. How is this impacting the recruiting experience? Tim Stone investigates.

Uju Anya backlash on Queen tweet stokes debate on employer brand vs freedom of speech

Uju Anya, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has faced controversy online after a series of tweets she posted expressing disdain over the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Why it's time to stop ghosting candidates

Value-driven organisations the world over speak about respect, diversity and inclusion, integrity and trust. And yet something is happening in their midst that suggests the very opposite to candidates...

Employee advocacy: making employees your biggest fans

Social media posts by employees can drive significantly higher engagement than a brand’s own posts. But where does the boundary lie between voluntary and employer-mandated posting?

P&O's PR disaster exposes HR's critical role in risk management

Ethical failures, like the recent firing of 800 staff without consultation by ferry company P&O, can prove costly to business and seriously damage people’s lives. Employers – and HR – say experts...

Glassdoor's UK top 50 employers revealed

The top 50 UK companies to work for were announced this morning, 12 January, as compiled by Glassdoor in its 2022 Employees' Choice Awards – with tech companies making up 19 of the 50 entries.

Ghosting on the rise in recruitment

Almost two thirds (65%) of UK adults have been ghosted during the recruitment process, negatively impacting candidate experience and employer brand.

KPMG, Apple, BrewDog: How should HR handle a media storm?

Several private companies have found themselves at the eye of their own media storms this year as employees have taken to the press or social media to air concerns about company culture.

Brand vs culture – Does it matter?

Imagine this: a market leading organisation, admired by customers, lauded by industry experts, loved by shareholders. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Yet on the flipside, employees in the same organisation...

Jobseekers prioritise company reputation

Prospective employees’ expectations of companies are as high as customers' expectations

Putting the HR in higher education

HR in higher education has unique challenges and opportunities. We explore what’s on HR’s radar and how universities must adapt

HR v Marketing

Forget Noel, Angelina and Brad: let’s hear it for Paul Gallagher, James Jolie and Julie Pitt. Placed beside marketing, HR feels like the less famous sibling. Marketing is sexier, more famous, more...