Government's trivial benefits a secret weapon for employees in cost of living crisis

Creative use of the government's trivial benefits scheme may prove a useful tool in helping employees through the cost of living crisis, according to an accountancy firm Ashton McGill.

M&S worker wins tribunal claim after refusing to relocate

A former Marks and Spencer (M&S) employee has won a claim of constructive dismissal against the retailer after he resigned due to being forced to move to a different store.

When the workplace needs love contracts

The return to the office has brought attention back to love contracts as employers brace for the next wave of workplace love affairs.

Job adverts with four-day week up 90%

As thousands of workers from 70 UK firms embark on an experiment to test the benefits of four-day week, job ads for this type of arrangement have surged.

Does ‘porngate' highlight the need for HR to police employees' work time?

A political scandal around porn-watching at work reopened the debate on whether employees need strict management of what they get up to while on-the-clock, says Dan Cave.

Extra bank holiday could give HR contract conundrum

The addition of an extra bank holiday to the calendar could create a sticking point between employers and employees.

Platinum Jubilee weekend - what are employees entitled to?

While many employees may already be swept-up in making plans for the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend – are they legally entitled to this extra day off?

The ins and outs of Garden Leave: what HR should know

The swift departures of Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain and speculation over whether they would actually be continuing work for the government until "mid-December" as was claimed, has left HR wondering...

How easy is it to claw back bonuses from senior executives?

It is easier to refuse payment than to recover sums already paid

Can we scrap our employee bonus scheme?

If an employer wishes to remove an existing scheme, they should proceed with caution.

How can employers withhold bonus payments from staff?

In recent months the issue of non-payment of employee bonuses has come to the attention of the courts and the forefront of the media. Financial institutions in particular have come under scrutiny as...