KPMG sets working class diversity targets

Last week Big Four professional services firm KPMG announced that it would be aiming for 29% representation of partners and directors from working class backgrounds by 2030.

Quarter change how they speak at work to fit in

Over half (55%) of workers believe stigma around regional accents negatively impacts career progression, according to the Equality Group

Graduate schemes falling short on diversity

Recent graduates feel grad schemes are outdated and don't offer all applicants a fair chance, according to research

Businesses must do more on social mobility

Graduates are reluctant to join organisations not addressing social mobility and are put off by bad interview experiences and lack of transparency around pay

State of the Nation report: Employers must do more on social mobility

Employers have a responsibility to tackle socioeconomic inequality, according to experts reacting to yesterday's report by the Social Mobility Commission

Lower socio-economic backgrounds still underrepresented in law

People from lower socio-economic backgrounds are hugely underrepresented in the legal profession, research from The Bridge Group and The Sutton Trust has found