How HR can prevent conflict at work

People who experience conflict in the workplace have lower job satisfaction and are more likely to experience poorer mental and physical health, according to a study from the CIPD.

Employee unfairly dismissed for reporting sheesha den, tribunal finds

A former charity employee was unfairly dismissed for reporting smoking in the office, an employment tribunal found earlier this month.

12 Months of 2023: July

In July, Royal Mail settled industrial relations disputes, the government announced plans for more flexible paternity leave, a workplace bullying bill was proposed and McDonalds came under fire for...

Train driver unfairly dismissed for tarantula prank

A train driver who left a tarantula skin in his female colleagues’ pigeonhole did not bully her and was unfairly dismissed, a tribunal has ruled.

Weight discrimination happens in 69% of workplaces

More than two thirds of employees (69%) think weight discrimination exists in their workplace, with nearly half of respondents (47%) considering it to be a problem, according to a report from...

Workplace 'banter' costs firm £15k in discrimination claim

A manager who was called a homophobic slur during workplace ‘banter’ has won £15,400 in a discrimination claim.

Workplace bullying to be defined and abolished by new bill

Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central, presented a bill to parliament on 11 July which aims to stamp out workplace bullying.

Royal Mail to pay record £2 million to bullied whistleblower

Royal Mail has been ordered to award former media specialist Kam Jhuti more than £2 million in compensation after a tribunal found she had been harassed and intimidated.

Does the Raab affair clear up the definition of “bullying”?

Employers have been crying out for years for clarity as to what exactly is meant by “bullying” in the modern workplace. What counts as reasonable and constructive criticism on the one hand, and...

Long Covid leading to mistreatment, bullying and job loss

Employees with long Covid have been mistreated at work and one in seven (14%) have lost their job for related reasons, a new study has found.

How to spot a toxic leader

Allegations of toxic leadership are never far from the headlines. Whether it’s politicians bullying colleagues or senior corporate executives creating a negative culture, no organisation is immune...

Third of workers have experienced bullying disguised as banter

Around a third (32%) of people in the UK have been bullied at work by comments disguised as banter.