How to tend to the needs of the long-term sick

With economic inactivity due to long-term sickness hitting record levels, HR has a critical role in improving health, wellbeing, talent and business outcomes, writes Dan Cave

Burnout affects a fifth of UK employees as long-term sick hits record high

Research from Mental Health UK found that 20% of workers needed to take time off work due to stress in the past year as long-term sickness absence reaches a record high.

January absence triples twice in past two years

Absences tripled year on year from January 2021 to January 2022 and again to January 2023, according to data from HR software BrightHR.

Sick leave hits 10-year high in cost of living crisis

UK employees missed work for an average of 7.8 days over the past year, the highest level in over a decade, according to new research.

Can you watch the women’s World Cup at work?

Acas has released guidance for employers ahead of the Lionesses semi-final against Australia today (16 August).

Fit notes for sick employees hit record high

The NHS issued 10.4 million fit notes in 2022, a record high.

Young people working while mentally unwell

Two reports have suggested young people are more likely to work while mentally ill, with some fearing they'll be labelled 'snowflakes'

Absence expected to spike after bank holiday

Employers should anticipate higher employee absence after bank holidays as some employees have "too much Sun and fun"

Ensuring employees take their annual leave

Employees often choose not to take annual leave in times of uncertainty. Should employers intervene?

Absence: How does it affect the workplace and what can employers do about it?

Figures vary on the price tag of staff absence but, based on an average salary of £25,000 a year, UK employers are left with an annual bill of at least £32 billion, although some estimations put it...