Steve Hemsley

The benefits roadmap

Choosing a benefits provider is one of the biggest financial commitments an HR department has to make, but with so many choices out there, how do you get it right? STEVE HEMSLEY gives a...


Flexible working: dads want choice

Archaic it may be, but when most people think of flexible working arrangements, it’s highly likely that mothers spring to mind. But the tide is turning. For a start, employers are being urged to...


Flexible benefits schemes receiving surprisingly low take-up

Who wouldn’t want something purporting to make life easier? Many employers and staff, it turns out. In theory, flexible benefits schemes should be a popular choice – wouldn’t we all love a bit more...


The future of work is mobile

Try to imagine a business without an office. A business where everyone works remotely, on mobiles, tablets and laptops, whenever and wherever they choose. There are no desks, no water cooler...


Franchising: saviour of the high street or HR nightmare?

Retail – and growth? When it comes to UK GDP, few economists would put ‘the state of the retail sector’ in the same sentence as ‘prospects for the growth of UK Plc’.


Flexible benefits don’t have to be online – use what works best for your company

Whether it is reading books on a Kindle or buying groceries online, the technology industry has long proclaimed we are heading for a paperless society.


Onboarding: the fast track to staff productivity?

The pressure on HR teams and line managers during busy and difficult times can mean elements of the onboarding process are inadvertently overlooked or forgotten.


Strategic Benefits: Employers have to keep constant watch to make sure staff are engaged with benefits

Job satisfaction is being sacrificed on the altar of pay and benefits, as the economic downturn forces workers to prioritise financial rewards and perks when deciding to change jobs.


Absence: How does it affect the workplace and what can employers do about it?

Figures vary on the price tag of staff absence but, based on an average salary of £25,000 a year, UK employers are left with an annual bill of at least £32 billion, although some estimations put it...


Financial education: solutions

Television adverts with a family sitting around the kitchen table, brandishing calculators and bills, while considering the option of a consolidated loan, are becoming as commonplace on our screens as...


The fleet's in

Post-recession, what should you do about the company car? There's a whole range of options to keep costs down, says Steve Hemsley.


Ignore benefits and pay at your peril

As some companies report an upturn and others only just start to feel the pain, no organisation should neglect the effect of reward on talent.