HRMI 2022: Zofia Bajorek, senior research fellow, Institute for Employment Studies (IES)

Zofia Bajorek has worked at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) since June 2018.

Her work focuses on research and evaluations into practices to improve the health and wellbeing of the working age population and how issues such as job quality, job design, HR capability and line management are implemented and evaluated in organisations to ensure employees have access to good quality work. 

Bajorek has been leading a programme of work researching obesity stigma in employment and the implication that this has on both individual wellbeing and organisational productivity. 

She has also been involved in the research IES has conducted looking into the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on work practices, flexibility and wellbeing. This included developing a return to the workplace toolkit for people living with obesity, researching the older workforce with long-term health conditions, and the Work After Lockdown longitudinal study. 

Bajorek has a keen interest in the role of the line manager and has written several thought pieces about the squeezed-middle, the pivotal role of line managers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and how line managers need to adapt to reflect the changing workplace.


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Zofia Bajorek ranked 9th on HR magazine’s list of HR Most Influential thinkers in 2022.

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