UK employers outperforming the rest of the world on wellbeing

Employers across the UK are performing better than companies across the rest of the world in implementing wellbeing policies for workers.

Research from the Top Employers Institute found that certified Top Employers in the UK -  are doing better than their counterparts across the globe.

The 84 Certified Top Employers in the UK include companies such as car manufacturer Bentley, delivery services FedEx and DHL, supermarket chain Lidl and bank Santander.

On average, 80% of the Top Employers consistently utilise wellbeing champions to drive initiatives, compared to 59% of Top Employers from the rest of the world. 

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UK employers appeared to be more accepting of technology, as 83% said they use wellbeing apps compared to 56% of employers around the world.

A majority (86%) also allow for flexibility in work schedules to make childcare easier, as opposed to 67% of employers from the rest of the world.

Speaking at the Top Employers UK HR Conference Phil Sproston, Top Employers Institute region manager for the UK and Ireland, suggested that there's nothing wrong with employers recognising what they've done right as opposed to what has gone wrong. < More active and succinct way of saying this, e.g. 'employers should recognise their good work'

He said: "There's a significant statistical differentiation between us and the rest of the world. We can look amongst ourselves; it's easy to pick up the things we're not good at, and it's easy to challenge ourselves and others and look to change our patterns.

"But overall, the message certainly seems to be that we're doing things pretty well."

The research also showed that 89% of UK Top Employers offer financial education to employees, compared to 60% of their counterparts overseas.

Those in the UK were also more likely to offer employee assistance programmes - 98% of UK Top Employers offered as opposed to 71% for companies in the rest of the world.