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UK employees still see remote workers as less productive


Workers in the UK still believe colleagues who work remotely are less productive than those who work from the office, according to a joint study by Dell and Intel.

The Global Evolving Workforce report is compiled from a survey of almost 5,000 employees worldwide, around 500 of whom are based in the UK. It suggests that in the UK one-third of employees believe colleagues who work from home are less productive, compared to just 16% who think their output increases.

Employees polled in developing markets, including India and Brazil, look more favourably on remote and home working colleagues. Just over one-third (34%) see them as more productive, compared to 32% who believe they get less done.

Two-thirds of British employees say they spend at least 75% of their time in the office, and 65% say it’s where they do their best work, according to the survey. Almost all (98%) employees spend at least some time in the office.

Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager of Cloud Client Computing at Dell, commented that the findings show the office is no longer “defined by a desk within the employer’s walls”.

“With constant connectivity blurring the lines between professional and personal lives and devices, it's essential employees have access to data when at the office, at home and on the road so they can stay productive, and IT secures and manages the data and user wherever it goes,” he said.