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UK Best Workplaces 2023 list published

Workplace culture consultancy Great Place to Work has announced its annual UK's Best Workplaces list, with Hatmill, Braze, NVDIA and Cisco topping the list.

The list comprises 344 organisations this year, across four categories: small, medium, large and supper-large organisations. 

Organisations are ranked based on culture audits and employees’ perspectives, taking into account factors such as reward and recognition, wellbeing and people development. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) was also highlighted as a fundamental practice employees feel strongly about.  

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Benedict Gautrey, managing director at Great Place to Work, said: “Best Workplaces consistently put people first – not just in terms of looking out for their own employees but also by caring for and supporting their surrounding community and environment.

"This year is no exception; these themes ran throughout all size categories in our UK’s Best Workplaces list."

Top five small organisations (20-50 employees): 

  1. Hatmill
  2. Resource IT
  3. Monday.com
  4. BlakYaks
  5. Resource IT


Top five medium organisations (51-250 employees): 

  1. Braze
  2. Evolved Search
  3. Reachdesk
  4. Elements Talent Consultancy
  5. Bryson


Top five large organisations (251-1000 employees): 

  2. Slalom
  3. Credera UK
  4. Lindt & Sprüngli UK
  5. xDesign


Top five super large organisations (1001+ employees): 

  1. Cisco
  2. Hilton
  3. Salesforce
  4. Baringa
  5. Version 1


Marjorie Armitage, general manager EMEA at software company Braze, said: “I feel so passionate about our culture, I know that the words will flow effortlessly, with enthusiasm and a big smile. 

"This year, it’s simply how our employees feel about Braze that shone through and put us at number one.” 


The top 10 qualities of Best Workplaces for all listed were: 

  1. Benefits are tailored to employees’ needs and wants 
  2. Genuine thanks and recognition given to individuals, teams and departments 
  3. Opportunities for fun and social engagement 
  4. Great employer branding that attracts and retains top talent 
  5. Opportunities for professional growth 
  6. An emphasis on creating and maintaining holistic employee wellbeing 
  7. A strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion and fostering fairness for all 
  8. Values-led behaviours at all levels 
  9. A clearly embedded organisational strategy, effectively communicated from the top 
  10. Outstanding communication channels that allow employees to share ideas, give feedback and ask questions