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Top 10 ways to be influential in HR

Influencing people is more vital than ever in today’s challenging and uncertain work environment.

Using your influence positively, liaising with others and getting things done through other people are all critical for your success in working life today. Fiona Dent explains how to get people to co-operate and listen to your ideas.

Being influential demands much more than simply knowing your stuff and being an expert in your area. Influencing is both a leadership and relationship skill. Influencing isn't rocket science but neither is it easy. In addition to knowing your topic, it's largely about recognising the importance of using soft skills to get hard results.

Here are 10 practical tips to help develop your influencing credibility, capability and reputation - and contribute to getting the results you want.

Be patient Influencing is a process, not an event or a one-off occurrence. Most discussions take place over a period of time, involve multiple stakeholders and are affected by our current experience of the people concerned. The impression they have had of us in previous conversations and our ability to enter into a meaningful dialogue with them are essential to achieving a successful outcome.

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Fiona Dent is director of executive education at Ashridge Business School. She is co-author with Mike Brent of The leaders' guide to influence: how to use soft skills to get hard results.