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The 12 months of 2016: November


As our 12 Days of Christmas countdown look at the most interesting HR happenings over the last year

Trump wins the US election

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election in November. The Republican vowed to be a “president for all Americans,” following a divisive campaign,

Trump opposes free trade and immigration, and promised to return jobs to areas in America affected by automation and outsourcing. He hopes to boost growth in the USA to 3.5% per year on average.

The businessman will take on the top job in January, and the world holds its breath in nervous anticipation.

Parker Review launched

The Parker Review, which calls for every FTSE 100 board to have at least one person from a BAME background on it by 2021, was launched in November. John Parker, chair of mining company Anglo American and head to the review, has called for corporations to talk about race more to improve ethnic diversity at senior levels.

“This is an arena many of us in the corporate world find hard to discuss, perhaps because we worry about getting the subtleties of language wrong,” Parker said. “But we can’t let anxiety get in the way of action. When 75% of FTSE 100 sales come from overseas, are we really [meeting] the challenge of aligning our board composition with our customers?”

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