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Tesco graduate recruits can earn six figures by age 25

Graduates at Tesco have the potential to earn a total of £140,000 after only four years service.

Research from the retail giant shows graduates in the organisation can accumulate the six-figure sum - excluding benefits and bonuses - by age 25 and, at this stage, the earnings are second only to a graduate management consultant, who would have the potential to earn £155,000.

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Tesco researched 12 graduate career paths, taking into account education and training costs, and found by age 25 teachers have the potential to earn £80,218 - higher than solicitors (£73,100), newspaper journalists (£63,550), doctors (£40,333) and architects (£35,300).

Hayley Tatum, UK operations personal director at Tesco, said: "Following figures from the Association of Graduate Recruiters that some sectors are downsizing their schemes or removing them altogether, we're delighted to be able to show our commitment to the various graduate roles we have on offer and our continued focus on attracting top graduates to our business.

"In fact, this year we have a experienced an extremely high number of graduate applications, and have now filled all of our September vacancies."

A graduate in the Tesco scheme has a starting salary of £23,000, rising to £30,000 if they become a deputy store manager and £47,000 if they are promoted to manage a store. Tesco's research shows that in the fourth year of work a doctor would be earning £25,882 and a solicitor would have a salary of £47,500.