Majority of UK workers feel unappreciated and neglected

Just 42% of UK employees rate their experience at work positively, according to the O.C Tanner Institute’s 2020 Global Culture report

Forty-five per cent of respondents said they had only had one or more positive experiences at work within the past month.

Just over half (53%) said they thought employee experience was taken seriously at their company, leaving 47% who believed their experience was regarded as an afterthought by their employer.

A further 48% said that their company was sacrificing the employee experience to please the customer.

Robert Ordever, managing director of O.C Tanner Europe said that the research showed the majority of UK employees are feeling unappreciated and neglected, and that not enough is being done to create workplace cultures that put the health and happiness of employees first.

He said: “Many companies are still viewing employees as a means of production and profit, but this must change.”

Ninety-two per cent described their employee experience as their ‘everyday experience’, a daily occurrence in their lives, which Ordever said is why employers need to prioritise building a vibrant workplace culture.

Speaking to HR magazine, he added: “The employee experience must be taken more seriously by leaders. It’s not about making appreciation all about occasional big public fanfares. Small, everyday moments matter the most, from a positive email from a manager through to a sincere ‘thank you’ from a colleague.”

The study sample size was 20,031 adults working at companies with over 500 employees. Fieldwork was undertaken between June and July 2019 and the survey was carried out online.