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Hybrid working plans hindered by poor tech

Just under two-fifths (39%) of UK workers still don't believe their company has the right tech set-up in place to support the hybrid workforce.

According to new research by computer software company Templafy, 85% of employees think the hybrid workplace will be successful if companies invest in technology to support it.

However, over a third (37%) said they currently do double the amount of work when remote working because of poor technology.

Spending large amounts of time dealing with tech problems has had a negatively effect on how well employees at home. 

The top two reasons technology has failed to be adopted are incompatibility with business workflows (55%) and a lack of consistent, company-wide use (55%).

Anne-Marie Finch, chief people officer at Templafy, said as the shift to hybrid working continues, it is the responsibility of HR teams to ensure that the right technology is in place to support digital workplaces and productivity.

She told HR magazine: “This starts with ensuring that the company creates a culture of belonging in the workplace, giving employees the ability to be heard about their concerns and the challenges they face day-to-day due to the technology in place.

“The ‘right’ technology doesn’t mean uploading masses of applications and tools to get the job done, as this only overwhelms employees and decreases the amount of work they are able to complete.”

Instead, Finch said HR teams must ensure that their technology stack is built to enable the future of work.

Over half (57%) of respondents said they wanted company-wide technology to solve the content challenges they face today.

Finch said that businesses should look for software that will better enable a connected create a more connected business. 

“Business enablement tech should offer benefits to the entire workforce, fit well into the company's processes and integrate effectively to ensure the organisation gets the most value,” she said.

Finch added HR teams should also provide additional training for tech tools to ensure their teams are getting the most out of their tech.

“A business enablement tech stack empowers teams to work more efficiently and supports the future of work,” she said.

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