HR services failing to make software mobile-friendly

HR departments are working to make their services mobile-friendly to keep up with employee demand.

Hybrid working plans hindered by poor tech

Just under two-fifths (39%) of UK workers still don't believe their company has the right tech set-up in place to support the hybrid workforce.

Optimising processes for decision-making in business 

Working from home has been a godsend for many. No more stressful commutes, no more overpriced croissants washed down with burnt coffee on the train, having the opportunity to wear pyjamas all day....

How to attract and retain tech talent in an uncertain world

When the UK entered lockdown in March 2020, even the most traditional companies had to rapidly transition from office-based to working from home. It was clear that ‘work’ was about to be redefined,...

Personal mobile phones used for work purposes

New research into the use of mobile and landline numbers has revealed that 77% of freelancers and business owners use their personal mobiles for business

Using voice assistants in recruitment

What are the pros and cons of using voice assistants in the recruitment process?

Never ‘switching off’ overwhelms working parents

Evening emails and ‘always on’ work cultures are overwhelming working parents, according to Modern Families Index results

Why technology is critical to a better employee experience

For many employees the technology they use at home is far ahead of what they have at work. That needs to change rapidly


'Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s...'

McDonald's has launched the world's first voice application process, to help attract curious but time-poor candidates from all walks of life

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Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

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The lowdown on four apps designed to help employees address and prevent mental ill health

Tackling tech fatigue

Flexible workspaces and designated tech-free zones can help employees disconnect from technology