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Goodbye office, hello home-working

Industry experts and commentators are in favour of office working being replaced with more home-working as the best plan for the economy of the future.

Speaking at a debate hosted by Orange and the London Transport Museum about the future of Connected Britain, futurologist James Bellini said: "[As a nation] we spend 4.6 million hours commuting every day - I think ‘goodbye office' is a good tactic going forward.

"Only 4% of employees work where they do because it matches their lifestyle. The rest work where they do because they have to."

Janet Street-Porter, journalist and broadcaster, added: "Over the past decade I stopped going to work as I became connected [using my mobile and internet]. But we still find work-life balance difficult.

"In a recession when firms are downsizing, people don't want to work from home. They want to be visible, thinking their presence in the office is worth 10,000 emails."

But she added: "In 40 years' time, people will find the idea of an office weird: one building with one company in it with the lights on all night while people clean it uses loads of energy. Businesses think they are great if they have nice offices - this model has got to change."