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Workers' suggestions for reducing commuting falls on deaf ears

UK workers waste 4.6 million hours a day travelling to work, according to recent research, but their bosses are reluctant to allow them to work more flexibly.

The survey of 2,000 adults by Citrix GoToMyPC found that 62% of commuters want to reduce the time they spend going to and from work, 42% find the worst frustration is being stuck in traffic, while 38% cite public transport as a problem and 30% complain about the cost of travel.

Workers think they could reduce their commuting time, the report reveals: 34% say this could be done by home working, 34% suggest varying start and finishing times would help and 22% think technology could be used to enable remote and flexible working.

However, 46% of workers say that bosses present barriers to smarter commuting by not allowing them to work from home or to do more flexible hours.

Andrew Millard, director of eCommerce, EMEA for Citrix Online's GoToMyPC, said: "In this day and age, old working practices dictating that employees must travel vast distances to sit at a desk every day are outdated. As the survey shows, British workers are frustrated by the amount of wasted time caused by long, arduous journeys to and from work. Smart commuting, flexi-time and remote working can offer an ideal solution, giving a range of benefits for employees and employers