Flexible working policies and restrictive covenants go into HR Room 101

Top HR professionals share the people policies they want to see binned forever

What HR policies would you like to see banished forever? To find out HR magazine and BrightHR gathered a group of top HR professionals in Manchester, and asked them which policies they would consign to HR Room 101.

We will be sharing videos from the event every week, and asking you which policies you would like to see binned.

Lisa Leighton, HR director for Hallmark UK and Ireland, argued that some flexible working policies should go. She said that there needs to be a more trusting employer/employee relationship. "A policy like that undermines your staff's ability to work as adults," she said.

Alan Price, CEO at Croner Group, said that the worst restrictive covenant he has ever seen was when he was helping a client who ran a hairdressing salon. "In short, their contract warned that they could never work for another hairdresser for the rest of their life," he said.

Which of these policies is the worst? What rules would you like to see banned forever? Join the debate in the comments below or use #HRroom101 on Twitter.