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Dress codes and special event policies go into HR Room 101


Inji Duducu and Gary Cookson banish their most hated HR policies to Room 101

What HR policies would you like to see banished forever? To find out HR magazine and BrightHR gathered a group of top HR professionals in Manchester, and asked them which policies they would consign to HR Room 101.

We will be sharing videos from the event every week, and asking you which policies you would like to see binned.

Gary Cookson, HR director for Trafford College, said employers should not generate a whole new policy to cover sporting events. "Deep down some employers just don't trust their employees to do the right thing," he said. Watch the video now.

Inji Duducu, people director of reward and employee services for Morrisons Supermarkets, decided to banish dress codes to Room 101. "We trust our employees with important decisions every day, but some organisations can't even trust that their people will be able to dress themselves properly without a policy," she said.

Which of these policies is the worst? What rules would you like to see banned forever? Join the debate in the comments below or use #HRroom101 on Twitter. And watch out for more #HRRoom101 videos next Friday.