Emotions are vital in the workplace


?Delegates at Seville's 2020 MERIT Summit were told of the importance of finding love in what you do

Employee emotions at work should be a top priority as it makes them more competitive, according to chairman and founder of the Fondation Bioniria Idriss Aberkane.

Speaking during Seville’s 2020 Merit Summit keynote slot, Aberkane argued that a love for work helps employees to take more knockbacks than the competition.

Explaining his ‘Love can do’ theory, Aberkane suggested the ability to fail just one more time at work would only be achievable if you enjoy both the achievements and the failures of your job.

He said: “When you love somebody it is easy to give all of your attention and time to them - not only is it easy but it is rewarding. If employees were to love their work, it would be rewarding to go to the office everyday, sit down and complete your tasks.

“If you like something, you pay more attention to it, and the same can be applied to your work.”

Aberkane used his talk to explore the positive impact love in the workplace could have on overall performance, drawing on the similar set of emotions between love of a person and love of your job.

He added: “Time and attention are the two most important things to a person and is what makes employees function.

“Precision, persistence and risk are all things we do and take when we love something, and with this emotion, we will work at our highest standard.”

This year's MERIT Summit in Seville is focused on leveraging a cultural mindset and how to drive innovation and transform organisations through people.