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CPO, sustainability manager and AI engineer among top growing jobs

HR is a key force in managing the fast-paced evolution of work, according to a LinkedIn report

The top-25 fastest growing jobs in the UK include chief people officer (CPO), sustainability manager, artificial intelligence (AI) engineer and cyber security analyst, according to a LinkedIn report.

Nearly half (48%) of the fastest-growing job titles in the UK didn’t exist 20 years ago. The report found that the top skills needed at work are expected to change by 65% by 2030.

Luke Mckend, senior director at LinkedIn, said HR is a key force in managing these transitions.

He said: “The world of work has undergone huge changes in the last few years, and this looks set to continue. With business leaders leaning on HR teams to help manage these shifts, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see the role of CPO listed among the fastest growing job roles. 

“HR and people teams will be responsible for introducing learning and development programmes, updating hiring strategies and implementing upskilling initiatives to equip existing and future talent with the skills businesses need to grow. 

“With many professionals on the hunt for their next opportunity, the HR function will be key in supporting business leaders in their approach to attracting and retaining top talent.”

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Over half (58%) of professionals in the UK said that looking for a job has become frustrating and hard, and 33% struggle to know how to match their skills to the job they want. 

Meanwhile, 53% of hiring managers in the UK worry their companies could be missing out on top talent due to hiring practices focusing too heavily on traditional qualifications rather than skills.

Amanda Arrowsmith, people and transformation director at the CIPD, said efficient skills-based hiring is essential in a fast-moving labour market.

She told HR magazine: “In today's dynamic work environment, the ability to adapt, learn and apply new skills can be as valuable as traditional academic qualifications. We encourage organisations to adopt a holistic view of capabilities, seeking qualifications that are relevant to the role alongside other skills and capabilities.

“At the CIPD we advocate for recruitment practices that are not only efficient but also inclusive and engaging for candidates. A good process can, and will, reduce frustration whilst enhancing the job seekers experience. Using technology can support this.”

The 25 fastest growing jobs are: 

  1. Sustainability manager
  2. Sales development representative
  3. Underwriting analyst
  4. Chief revenue officer
  5. Dental therapist
  6. Home health aide
  7. Artificial intelligence engineer
  8. Demand generation manager
  9. Civil supervisor
  10. Security operations centre analyst
  11. Cyber security manager
  12. Investor relations associate
  13. Chief people officer
  14. Energy engineer
  15. Cyber security architect
  16. Data governance manager
  17. Product marketing specialist
  18. Vice president compliance
  19. Customer experience specialist
  20. Payroll executive
  21. Customer success executive
  22. Risk control manager
  23. Sports scout
  24. Private equity associate
  25. Data engineer

LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers examined millions of jobs started by LinkedIn members from 1 January 2019 to 31 July 2023 to calculate a growth rate for each job title. 

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