CIPD advises next UK government to focus on ‘good work’

The body has made 11 recommendations for UK workplace strategy.

As the UK gears up for its next general election, the CIPD has made a series of recommendations to the incoming government in its new Manifesto for Good Work.

Recommendations from the body cover three themes: skilled work, healthy work and fair work. 

The 11 points listed cover many of the body’s existing campaigns, including reformation of the apprenticeship levy, the creation of a single enforcement body responsible for the protection of workers’ health and rights, and increasing statutory paternity leave to six weeks.

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Ruth Cornish, founder and director, Amelore commended the manifesto.

Speaking to HR magazine, she said: "The introduction of a single enforcement body should  provide greater clarity and focus to tackle discrimination and is potentially a small step towards regulating the HR profession. There is no doubt a sharp focus is needed to educate and hold employers to account.

"It is also important to recognise that SMEs will play a big part in our future economic growth and so any improvements to employees' rights, should be carefully considered."

Under healthy work, the body called on government to establish a dedicated taskforce on AI and the workplace.

It also asked for high-quality, locally delivered business support service for SMEs to boost investment in skills development and people management capability.

Cornish added: "I’m in total agreement that workforce planning is absolutely critical but it’s a skill many HR and people professionals lack.

Understanding not just where the next generation of talent is, but what will motivate them is key to optimising workers' performance and improving productivity.

"Encouraging investment in technical skills and apprenticeships as well as getting those of working age back into the workforce would be a game changer for the economy."

Joe Regan, the CIPD-certified people director of Moore Kingston Smith’s people advisory team, welcomed the CIPD’s manifesto.

Speaking to HR magazine, Regan said: “The Manifesto for Good Work demonstrates the CIPD’s role as an active advisory body on the side of business and people.

“This is very welcome and will provide the next government with a viable ‘lift and shift’ workforce strategy that can stimulate much needed economic growth.”

Addressing skills and talent shortages will be particularly vital, he said.

He added: “If implemented, this strategy would have limitless upsides to employees; from enhanced employee wellbeing to improved employee benefits that, in some sectors, will help support an overworked and burnt-out workforce.”

The full CIPD Manifesto for Good Work can be viewed here.