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Automation threatens one-third of roles


More than one-third (35%) of jobs in the UK are at "high risk" of being replaced by automation in the next 20 years, according to research by Deloitte.

The report claims that only 40% of jobs are at "no risk" or "low risk" of being replaced. This figure increases to 51% within London.

The high-risk jobs are mostly found in administration, sales, transportation and construction. Sectors that have a high proportion of low-risk jobs include skilled management, financial services and education.

In London, 84% of businesses admit the skills of their employees need to change over the next 10 years. Digital know-how, management and creativity are the traits London businesses predict will be the most in-demand by 2024.

The paper is also based on research by Carl Benedikt Frey, of the Oxford Martin School, and Michael A Osborne, from the department of engineering science at the University of Oxford.

Frey said that London can be on the frontline in developing the next generation of digital technologies.

“To remain a world leading city, London needs to manage the transition of its workforce into new occupations and industries, as it has done so successfully in the past," he said.

Deloitte London senior partner Angus Knowles-Cutler predicted that technology will bring challenges and opportunities for the UK labour market.

"Unless the changes coming in the next two decades are fully understood and anticipated by businesses, policy makers and educators, there will be a risk of avoidable unemployment and underemployment," he warned.